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Toe Rings
..... from Nepal

Toerings are popular with the young of all ages. Great impulse items for men and women!

An excellent reseller lot of 100 toe and finger rings of bronze, brass and silver colored nickel alloy. Hand made in Nepal:
Toe and finger rings
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Studded toe rings
details of stud toerings

A really cool toe ring designed with studs, made of silver colored nickel alloy, sold in a lot of 40 pieces, handmade in Nepal:

* Here is a group of 50 toe rings in three metal combinations, handcrafted in Nepal:
Toe rings in three metals
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Unique Nepalese and Tibetan handmade jewelry

Shipping and Handling is $2.00 on all orders to the USA.
Sales to other countries Shipping and Handling is $6 per order.

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and money orders are all welcome.

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