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Tibetan Symbols Pendants
..... from Nepal

The awesome power of Tibetan and Nepalese tradition is mirrored in handmade pendants of fine quality. Our pendents are made of silver colored nickel alloy, bronze, sometimes a little brass, some are silver plated over nickel alloy. On the right is pictured a silver plated Tibetan Om (also spelled Aum or Ohm) pendant. This powerful design is only available from us. This pendent and five other styles are offered in a lot of six pieces for a great low price HERE.
Tibetian symbol pendents
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Tibetan Dorje symbol pendant
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The next pendant features the Dorje (Dorji or Vajra) Tibetan symbol of cosmic energy, the basis of all we can experience with the senses. This is a beautiful example of the jeweler's art and one of six different unusual pendants and amulets with Tibetan symbols, including Om Mani Padme Hum,
available HERE.

*Om (Aum or Ohm) --- The Sound of the entire Universe. The sound of "OM" can tune the body to the All. These are simple, inexpensive smaller pendants for necklaces featuring the Tibetan version of Om. A dozen (12) pieces in one lot are
available HERE.
Tibetian Ohm Om Aum pendant
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Turquoise filigree jewellery Pendent
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This moon shaped pendant has a dramatic turquoise stone set in an ocean of spiral filigree work. Unlike most of our lots this item is sold as a single piece. Would make a wonderful necklace.
See it HERE
The same design with a magical Moonstone: HERE.

*And here is a group of beautiful pendants with ornamental designs. Three feature the fine wire work known as filigree - each small bit of wire is made by hand, the finished pendent a work of extra-ordinary design and craftsmanship. Five different pendants are offered together HERE.
Handcrafted Nepalese Pendants
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Unique Nepalese and Tibetan handmade jewellery

Shipping and Handling is $2.00 on all orders to the USA.
Sales to other countries Shipping and Handling is $6 per order.

Credit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders are welcome.

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