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Tibetan Style Rings
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We offer handmade rings in a variety of styles, suitable for any occasion. The detail and craftsmanship of these distinctive rings is superb. All our rings are made of sturdy silver colored nickel alloy, bronze, or brass, some are silver plated over nickel alloy. On the right is pictured our filigree ring in silver plate, featuring imaginative spirals of fine wire securely welded to a flat base. This, our most popular ring, is featured in lots of ten pieces which can be seen HERE.
Filigree rings
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Om Mani Padme Hum ring
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Rings with the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum have proven to be extremely popular with both those who study Tibetan Buddhism and with those with little knowledge of it. This well loved mantra can be translated as "The Jewel Lotus Within the Heart", "The Jewel in the Lotus" and a number of other variations. The intent is the sounds, ancient sylables that resonate with the deep structure of the Universe and our Selves. We offer these rings in lots of 10 - Mantra Rings HERE, and in lots of 24 rings HERE.

* Here is a mixed lot of 25 rings in a number of different styles - a great selection for your customers to choose from. Included are the filigree and Mantra designs and many other costume and ethnic rings just right for a man or a woman. You can see the Mixed Ring lot HERE.
Mix styles rings
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Mans Womans wide rings
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It is difficult to find rings that fit larger men and women. We had to special order these but when we saw how nice they are we were very glad we did. Six different styles, several designers, and some of the nicest rings in the jewelery market. Two of each, a total of twelve pieces in one lot HERE.

*The Tibetan Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum in sizes for larger men and women. This very popular ring is available in lots of ten HERE.

Handcrafted men's women's rings
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Unique Nepalese and Tibetan handmade jewellery

Shipping and Handling is $2.00 on all USA orders.
Sales to other countries S & H is $6 per order.

Credit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders are welcome.

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